The Philadelphia Story

Solid city-wide gains by Candidate Donald Trump were washed away in a tidal wave of new votes coming in from points unknown, hours and hours after the polls had closed

The voter registration data in Philadelphia is consistently 7 to 1 Democrticic to Republican. Winning the Democratic Mayoral primary in Philadelphias is the same as winning the office of Mayor. The Republican party as an organized political force does not exist in Philadelphia. Maybe the Democrats actually control the nominal Republican party along with every other single thing in the city and by extension control the State of Pennsylvania.

Generally speaking, 2020 has been a horrible year for Philadelphia. I have talked about the destruction of the City at the hands of Mayor Jim Kenney in two previous articles. I am not going to repeat those heart-breking accounts here. The plain hard cold fact that everyone in Philly and all across the United States came to understand though, is that without somehow flipping Pennsylvania away from Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, one Joe Biden was not going to be elected President. Pennsylvania was mandatory and the scheme was going to have to be executed in Philly.

All Politics is Local

Ir was simple. Voting machines were replaced with easily counterfeitable paper ballots that had no accounting for authenticity or origin. The bundles of fake paper didn’t even have to pass the scrutiny of a postal clerk. The machine boys made big fat stuffable “ballot collection boxes” out of old mailboxes they stole off of city corners and repainted. Guess who had the keys to those boxes. Kenney merely had to wait and see how many fugazi ballors he would have to run through his off limits to observers (Covid-19) but in-house counting room and Jim would make damn well sure that many many such fake ballots would be “found” thrown in the pot, Maybe it would be 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 it didn’t matter because many thousands of fake Biden ballots were cooling on ice in a secret warehouse ……apparently in New York(!) and they would be mixed in as needed on the day AFTER election day.

The polls closed in Pennsylvania at 9:00 PM by 11:30 with Trump once again winning Pennsylvania comfortably, Jim Kenney decided that 2.5 hours work was enough for one day and he sent the counters home from the Center City Convention Center to which he alone held the keys. The counters were told straight-out that more ballots would be arriving overnight! From where? Kenney’s gang of thugs were only counting Philadelphia City ballots. There were no outlying districts that had to drive through the mountains. All of the votes were from the City yet Kenney could not get them to his counting room for nearly 8 hours after the polls closed.

Sure enough Jim was prescient. Ballot trucks arrived at the loading dock of the convention center at 3 and 4 AM. One driver is trying to confess that he picked up his load of ballots in New York City and drove through the night to unload at Philly but the Supreme Court is not trying to hear that.

If the fake ballots did come from New York it makes operational sense. 1) New York itself didn’t matter. Biden was going to win New York and nobody cared. All the Democrat drones in New York City thus were available to “help” Philly beat Trump where it mattered the most. 2) Irish machine Democrats understand each other. Remember what Tip O’Neill said to a potential young volunteer, “we dont want nobody that nobody didn’t send.” These old fedora guys work in the shadows and they work with trusted or intimidated people who realize unemployment, poverty and shame are the only rewards for ratting on the machine. 3) Why muddy that waters by running a boiler room ballot signing operation right in Philly where some janitor might squeal. Keep it out of town where nobody is looking for anything.

What the Hell? Trump ran Better.

Somehow the total ballots cast in the City increased from 665,000 in 2016 to 750,000 in 2020! Philadelphia is not a growing city. Even though Trump flipped 30,000 voters to his side in 2020, Biden somehow made up the 30,000 defection with new votes and added another 44,000 voters who didn’t exist in 2016 but who all voted for him in 2020.

White People for Biden!

For some reason the ethnic white wards in South Philly and “the far Northeast” were actually carried by a Trump majority but not the “WASP” whites in the Center City Condominium high rise buildings, they somehow greatly multiplied in numbers and all voted for Biden.

Fraud on America

Upstate NY — Downstate NJ, Lawyer, Blackjack Dealer, Ultra Liberal, Trump voter. Fake Historian.

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