Here I come. Yet another skirmish in the Culture War of 2020. I voted for Trump. Twice. I supported the insurrection.I know the Election was fixed. We can get back into all that stuff later. Now is time for one last torrent of COVID DENIAL! I challenge you Dr. Fauci, you fraud with a stethoscope, to find any bit of fallacy in this statement.

The “Lockdown” Did Not Work

Here we are at the end of the 12th month of lockdown and we see a ravaged nation suffering from stalled commerce, closed businesses, unemployed actors and boarded up movie theatres. The final figures are disheartening…

I shouted out who killed the Kennedys, when after all it was you and me!

By the numbers:

  1. The CIA killed John and Robert Kennedy.
  2. The CIA killed Martin Luther King.
  3. The FBI tried unsuccessfully to cover up all three crimes.
  4. The CIA demolished three occupied Skyscrapers at the World Trade Center.
  5. The FBI tried unsuccessfully to cover up those crimes.
  6. The CIA knows why TWA flight 77 was shot down over Long Island Sound.
  7. The FBI tried unsuccessfully to cover up that crime.

There’s more but that’s enough. Here then is the question? Are you able to ”Forgive and Forget” Can you let bygones be bygones?

If and only if you can give the…

The Great Burlington Declaration.

I will not comment, consider or even lower myself to reading any Medium article that uses either of the terms White or Black in any political sense. There is no biological differentiation and certainly no remotely accurate political difference. If you choose to address a cultural topic I will be interested. Otherwise all this racist claptrap is consigned to the trash can. Unlike you, I do live and work in 50/50 communities. I cannot take the time to make judgments based on a person’s complexion. The world moves too fast and furious to pigeon hole individuals and stereotype them. You do it if you think it has merit. I am out and I am staying out.

Solid city-wide gains by Candidate Donald Trump were washed away in a tidal wave of new votes coming in from points unknown, hours and hours after the polls had closed

The voter registration data in Philadelphia is consistently 7 to 1 Democrticic to Republican. Winning the Democratic Mayoral primary in Philadelphias is the same as winning the office of Mayor. The Republican party as an organized political force does not exist in Philadelphia. Maybe the Democrats actually control the nominal Republican party along with every other single thing in the city and by extension control the State of Pennsylvania.

Generally speaking, 2020 has been a horrible year for Philadelphia. I have talked about the destruction of the City at the hands of Mayor Jim Kenney in two previous articles. I…

Objectivity, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sociologist Michael Schudson suggests that “the belief in objectivity is a faith in ‘facts,’ and a distrust in ‘values,’ wirh a commitment to their segregation”. Objectivity also outlines an institutional role for journalists as a fourth estate, a body that exists apart from government and large interest groups.

Journalistic objectivity requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. The journalist must report only the facts and not a personal attitude toward the facts.

Stop with the “He’s Lying" chorus. You sound like a bunch of damned Kindergartners.

If President Trump tells you the election was fixed. He is telling you his OPINION of what transpired. He hasn’t proven it in court and you haven’t disproven it either. If he never shows a scintilla of evidence he is still entitled to his OPINION. In my opinion after reading volumes of history I have the OPINION that LBJ was complicit or worse in the murder of John F. Kennedy. I can’t prove and I don’t need to prove it but get this, I am not…

A C.I.A. Christmas Story

Katherine Klyce was Jack Wheeler’s second wife who he was married to for over thirteen years. She has her own Cambodian silk import business in New York City and spends time living in their New York apartment and sharing their Colonial home in Historic New Castle, Delaware. Katherine knoew more about Cambodia than just the price of silk. She had years earlier served a stint in that country as “an election observer.” Jack by the way acknowledged that he worked for a CIA “contractor” mostly in Washington and Wilmington, Delaware frequently commuting to work by Amtrak. The couple spent Christmas…

These paragraphs are excerpted not edited from a story by Victor Fiorillo senior reporter for Philadelphia Magazine. He posted this story on 11/5/20.

“The Board of Elections seems to be indicating that as long as the watchers and representatives are in the room (whether the room is the size of an office or the size of a football field) that the requirements of the Election Code are met,” she wrote. “However, allowing such a narrow interpretation defies logic and reasonableness …

Mandating a distance that prevents a candidate or his watchers to be truly present actually shrouds the election process in a veil, denying transparency and accountability.”

In the end, she argues that election officials have “set up a scheme that effectively eliminates the role of…

Donald Trump just mopped the floor with Joe Biden. Last night in Nashville the entire country sat quietly and glanced away nervously while the 47 year political career of Joe Biden disassembled and dithered away in a sad spat of false denials, malapropisms, lapses and confusion. Like an old washed up athlete Joe can pose and posture and remind people what got him where is his but when the game started he was poignantly revealed as an old man grasping at the old plays.

Joe’s lies don’t have to be fact checked they are just sad and blatant denials of…

Corrado Rosca

Upstate NY — Downstate NJ, Lawyer, Blackjack Dealer, Ultra Liberal, Trump voter. Fake Historian.

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